You should not say these words on your first date when dating a millionaire single on millionaire date site

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Date a doctor who is from millionaire website. What should you say? What should you say when dating a lawyer on millionaire date site? Dating a millionaire single on seeking millionaire website, what should you say? Date a sugar daddy on millionaire date site, what should you say? When you date different millionaire single people, what are you not supposed to say?

Don't ask, do you like the place I chose? No matter what kind of women they want to be with a man who is sure of what he is doing, a confident man can always win a good feeling. Especially when faced with a choice, a man should take the initiative. A woman is a strange animal afraid of making choice questions. So, in the face of the choice, you should show your determination, don't hesitate to ask her advice, or it will make you lose a big part of the score.

If the place she chose for you was obvious and there was no significant idol left, you could smile and confidently say to her, "this is not what you are interested in, is it?" "But remember, this sentence must be sure of expectation, not the tone of inquiry. Then tell her in a playful way that the next date will be for her to choose.

Again, never question your own decisions. Even if she doesn't like the place you choose, there's no need to apologize to her. You can make it up in your interactions. He's just getting his spot on the spot you picked, but it won't last long, because she's not a goalkeeper and won't think the place is more important than being with you.

Don't say, "I feel nervous."

May say this sentence, more cute, cute, but the words once spoken, you may be on the occasion she divides her friends to go in that column. To tell the truth, you should be aware of, tell a girl how nervous you are not successful is attracted to her, maybe she will feel sorry for you, during a date, she will be very friendly to you, showed great patience. But don't be too happy. That doesn't mean she's good for you, but it might be sympathetic to you. But compassion is by no means the basis of emotional initiation.

Don’t say ”I want to know all about you”


Even if your date is a very talkative person, you will feel powerless about this topic. Maybe you think it's a great way to open her heart and let go of yourself. Maybe you think it will make her think you have a good opinion of her, so you really want to know about her past. But, in fact, it may not be the effect you want. Maybe she would think it was a very awkward one-way conversation. To tell you the truth, do you really want to hear more details about her past? Women usually like to create a sense of mystery on their first date, so that you want to continue to explore her desires. If you really want to know more about her, then you can guide your conversation process and let her take the initiative to reveal her hidden side of her character. Step by step, step by step to induce her, not to ask her for a big demand. The purpose of the two may be the same, but as far as the effect is really different.

Don't say, "maybe we should do it again."

To this sentence, I send you two words: too weak and too ordinary. This sentence is too lacking in excitement and uncertainty. During the appointment, someone said this, and he gave the impression that he was full of uncertainty. He wasn't sure if he meant it too. He wasn't sure whether the other side would refuse. He was even more unsure if he had the charm to conquer the other. For example: on the date, you jokingly said to her: "next time we eat, you have some wine." "from this sentence, you can see what?" The uncertainty about taking a date doesn't make it clear whether there is another appointment. This gives each other an unsettled feeling about the next date. I don't know what you mean in the end. You're not doing a neat person.

Don’t say "You look nice tonight."

When you are enjoying a millionaire date, remember, don't use vague words. Generally speaking, when we describe something that we don't feel particularly good, we use the word "nice", such as "a cup of good tea"". If you want to compliment your date, please choose the words carefully. Think about what you like, what excites you or what motivates you, and then looks at what words you use to express what you love about yourself. What words can you describe?. Replace the words "good", "cute" and even "pretty" with these too broad terms into more dynamic, more specific adjectives. For example: "I really like your clothes today. It makes you look very tasteful. You must have spent a lot of time on it.". "Be sure of the results of her efforts. Or you can admire her makeup. "Your make-up really costs a lot today. It shows the contours of your face better.". "Or" your hair is beautiful. "Give a detailed description of the details you want to compliment. It may sound a little too detailed, but she will respond to these thoughtful and unique compliments.